“I’d Rather Die Than Be R@ped” – Says Pretty Lady Injured By A R@pist (Photos)

A South African lady, Refiloe Mnomiya with username @refizzy_1, has taken to her twitter handle expose a man who gave her severe injuries while attempting to force her to bed.

Rapist gave lady injuries South Africa

The beautiful lady, who also shared disturbing pictures of the injuries she suffered, said she would rather be dead than be a victim of r@pe.

This is what she wrote:-

“All of this just cos I fought because of you and I. I said No to men canvassing on our body and thinking they can touch our private parrts even though we say NO. I rather die than to be the next victim!!!!”

That was all Mnomiya wrote. She didn’t say anything about the r@pist, neither did she give enough details about the incident. This had a lot of twitters users talking, with most people asking her to post pictures of the person and his social media handle.

After long pestering, she finally posted the picture of the man who gave her bruises all over her face all because of s.ex.

See his picture below: 

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