“How I Mistakenly Slept With My Boyfriend’s Roommate” – Nigerian Lady Narrates

Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, has posted a screenshot of a message he received from a female client, narrating to him how she mistakenly cheated with her boyfriend’s roommate while he was at work.

slept with my boyfriend's friend

According to the lady (name unknown), the man couldn’t go on for a long time despite being heavily endowed.

She has been massively blasted by Instagram users for her ugly action. See Some of the comments below.

Read her story below:-

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See Comments from angry Instagram users below:

teewacouture: You don’t love your b.f,you are not even feeling guilty sef… My sister you need Jesus.

iamicheni: My friend shut up, you have d olosho tendency in you, you just need an opportunity/excuse to let it lose. Leave Baba out of this.

sweetest_pearl: So if he had lasted an hour you won’t be here “feeling bad” and reporting yourself for your silly conduct yea? Oops you said not to judge.  Advice- Tell your boyfriend asap,better he hears from you than his backstabbing roommate.

qoolsum: I’ll be straight with you… Sister what you did was bad.. My advice is if you can’t find it in your heart to tell your boyfriend… Break up with him and don’t talk to the roommate… I don’t see why you’ll cheat if you have feelings for you bf.. You don’t.. This confirms that.. Free yourself from this then later on when you’re ready… Tell him.

qoolsum@misshils0011: my dear it is somehow… I feel like she started having some feelings for his roommate at one point in time.. This doesn’t mean she’ll do it again.. The dissatisfying s…x will ensure that… I feel like she should dump both of them.

treshatrendy: Very simple! All you need to do is to pack your things and get yourself out of that relationship. Who knows, you might go for his father tomorrow. Don’t stress the innocent boy. Just leave.

capsouls123: Idiot, how do u want us to believe u ain’t that kind of girl wen u are even talking about his dick n how he can’t last one minute… Mtchew, am not judging u but i can insult u, ode, mistake happen but I can’t call this mistake, na u dey cut eye for d guy b4, ehnnn tell ur bf n end d relationship yourself, u did it with 2 friends congratulations. Aunty oponu.

og_cho: Ashewo Oshi, don’t worry karma will hit you real quick and when it does please don’t say ‘men are bad’ cos you’re the definition of bad and please tell your bf I’m sure he deserves better….Olosho ti o lashi

ditae2001: Are you regretting cos he didn’t last longa than one minute or what are you regretting about? Cos from the way u sound you don’t feel any regret!!!

superstar_addy: This one doesn’t know that guys have no secrets. Lol. Your BF already knows. Keep deceiving yourself



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