“My wife sleeps with every man in the area” – Man cries out

A frustrated 49-year-old man, Gbenga Olomilua, has pleaded with a Grade C Customary Court located at Inanlende, Ibadan, to dissolve the 10-year-old marriage between and his wife, claiming that she sleeps with every man in the area.

My wife sleeps with every man

According to reports from News Agency of Nigeria, Gbenga told the court on Wednesday that his union with his wife has been one of cheating, nagging and disrespect. He said:

”I married her when she was nothing. Although I didn’t pay her dowry, yet I took care of her and provided for all her needs to make her satisfied.

”I work in Lagos, but I spend my weekends in Ibadan. Unfortunately, she used my absence as an opportunity to learn the act of infidelity from her friends.

”My wife is now an expert whose promiscuity has reached an alarming stage. She hardly stays at home to take care of the two kids from our marriage.

”She is fond of nagging, and she will never listen to or obey my instructions and command as the husband.

“In this regard, her decision to end the marriage is a welcome development,” Olomilua stated.

His wife, 32-year-old Rashidat, had previously pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage on grounds of brutality and unrest of mind.

She accused Gbenga of turning her into a punching bag whenever they had little misunderstanding. She said,

“He even cut my hair with a razor in one of our fights. My lord, I am scared, because I am not sure of what he wants to do with my hair.

“He does not treat me as a husband will treat his lovely wife. He maltreats me, never providing for my needs,” she said.

The mother of two begged the court once again to put an end to their marriage since there was no love between both of them anymore.

The President of the court, Chief Ramoni Olafenwa, dissolved the union, after hearing from both parties.

He, therefore, gave the custody of the first kid to Gbenga.

Ramoni ordered the second child to remain with the mother. He also ordered the respondent to pay a monthly sum of N4,000 for the child’s upkeep.

He instructed both parties to stay away from each other by all means in order to maintain peace.

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